Troxler Density Gauge 3440

Troxler Density Gauge 3440
Troxler Density Gauge 3440
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The Troxler Model 3440 gives you the features you need for compaction control, but its enhanced capabilities make it a step above our basic Model 3430. The Model 3440 is used to measure the density of asphalt, soil, aggregate or concrete and the moisture of soil or aggregate. Density can be measured in either the backscatter or direct transmission mode and moisture is measured in the backscatter mode. The backscatter mode is ideal for concrete and hot asphalt, while direct transmission is the choice for 50 - 300 mm (2 - 12 inch) lifts of soil and aggregates. Test results in as little as 1 minute allow additional compaction to be applied immediately if necessary. The Model 3440 and all other gauges in the 3400 series have replaced conventional density test methods and have become the industry standard. It also meets ASTM Standard Test Methods, D-6938, D-2950, C-1040 and AASHTO T-310. Features & Benefits The Model 3440 gives you the same basic features as the Model 3430, but with these enhanced capabilities: Stores up to 450 tests Data stored in user selectable projects Identification of stored test results by station number and distance left or right of centerline Automatic depth indication Multiple offsets available to adjust to virtually any field condition Fifty years of Troxler experience and an extended 18-month warranty give you the confidence you need in your field testing equipment

A 3440 is supplied with standard accessories, as shown, including:

  • Calibration Certificate
  • instruction manual
  • carry case
  • scraper plate
  • drill rod
  • extraction tool
  • plastic reference block (for testing the gauge)
  • charger

Troxler 3440 specifications:

The 3440 is a highly-featured machine.

Automatic Depth Yes
Upload to PC Yes
Direct Print Yes
Nomograph Yes
Trench Correction Yes
Self Diagnostics Yes
Drift Test Yes
Stat Test Yes
% Proctor Yes
% Marshall Yes
Stored Memory Tests 450
Nicad Battery Life (Constant Use) 200 hours
Alkaline Battery Life (Constant Use) 3000 hours
Backscatter Precision (2000 kg/cubic metre) ±8
Direct Transmission Precision (2000 kg/cubic metre) ±3.4
Moisture Precision (160 kg/m3) ±3.6
Number of Keys 22
Base Material Cast
Base Coating Teflon
Combined Stored Marshall, Proctor, Voidless Values 9
Neutron Source Strength (mCi) 8
Gamma Source Strength (mCi) 40
Warranty (Months) 18
Surface Radioactive Dose Rate 20
Full-text Error Messages Yes
Menu Driven Yes
Source Returns to Safe Position Automatically Yes
Handle Latch Wear Does Not Affect Precision Yes
Water Resistant Case Yes
Audible Signal at end of Test Yes
LCD Instructions Yes
One-finger Keypad Operation Yes
Notes Feature Yes
Password Protected Yes
Test to Precision Yes
Auto Station Yes
Changeable Baud Rate Yes
Calculator Yes
Owner can re-sell without requiring manufacturer's permission Yes

Measurement (SI Units) - Direct Transmission Density - 150mm
Precision at 2000kg/m4 15sec:+-6.8kg/m3 1min:+-3.4kg/m3 4min:+-1.7kg/m3
Surface Error (1.25mm, 100% Void) 15sec:-17.0kg/m3 1min:-17.0kg/m3 4min:-17.0kg/m3
Backscatter (98%) (100mm)
Precision at 2000kg/m4 15sec:+-16.0kg/m3 1min:+-8.0kg/m3 4min:+-4.0kg/m3
Surface Error (1.25mm, 100% Void) 15sec:-75.0kg/m3 1min:-75.0kg/m3 4min:-75.0kg/m3
Accuracy of Density Standards =0.2%
Accuracy of Moisture Standards =2%
Calibration Range 70-170pcf(1100-2700kg/m3) Density 0-40pcf (0-640kg/m3) Moisture
Stored Power 30 Watt Hours
Battery Recharge Time 14 - 16 hours (automatic cutoff)
ReadOut 4 x 16 alpha-numeric liquid crystal display

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